Fitness Levels Adults

Level 1

– Daily life is easy going.

– Physically active one or two hours a week.

– No significant mobility issues.

– Able to ride a bike for one hour at a time on pathways.

– Consecutive ride days would be a challenge.

Level 2

– Physically active up to 3 hours per week.

– Able to tackle some hills on your bike rides.

– Wouldn’t mind a 2 hour bike ride at a moderate pace (with breaks)

– Might even consider going again the next day.

Level 3

– Over 3 hours of exercise per week.

– Comfortable climbing hills on a trail.

– Moderate pace over 2-4 hours of riding (with snack and chit-chat breaks) sounds good to you.

– Can ride multiple times per week.

Level 4

– High level of fitness

– Can maintain a steady pace on climbs for extended periods, with minimal breaks.

– Capable of riding at a moderate to strenuous pace multiple times per week.

– Can carry your bike.

Level 5

– High levels of cardio and strength.

– Comfortable with pushing the pace over longer periods of time.

– Capable of long hike-a-bike accesses.

– Can ride every day all day.


Fitness Levels Youth

Level 1

-You don’t ride often maybe 1 – 3 times a month, can get the wheels turning with a few breaks but don’t really breath hard.

-You usually ride on flat terrain, paved trails.

Level 2

-You ride maybe 3-5 times a month and can ride for up to an hour with breaks and sometimes get the breathing up to a harder level.

-You ride on flat terrain and maybe some hills.

Level 3

-You ride 5-7 times a month and are starting to challenge yourself.

-Biking is not your main sport you do other sports and like biking for fun. You can get your breathing up hard and are pushing yourself to get stronger.

-You ride on flat and up hill terrain, getting used to the climb and like pushing yourself harder.

Level 4

-You ride 1-2 times a week and you like to bike. 

-You challenge yourself regularly and can breathe hard on every ride.  –

Biking has become one of your main sports and you are striving to get to a higher level of fitness to ride more often.  –

You ride on trails mostly up and down and are comfortable pushing yourself this way, you are almost able to keep up to the faster riders in your group.

Level 5

-You are riding 3-5 times a week.

-You love riding your bike.

-Can ride for over an hour comfortably and can breath hard for this hour.

-You are hoping to maybe enter a race or ride seriously in the future.

-You are riding on trails, up and down and challenging yourself to get stronger and can usually stay with the faster riders of the group.


Skill Levels

Level 1 

– Comfortable riding on pathways.

– Limited experience with dirt and trails.

Level 2

– Comfortable on wide dirt and not-steep trails (green level mountain bike trails)

– Have ridden a mountain bike before.

Level 3

– Can ride blue level singletrack trail.

– Comfortable with some rooty or rocky terrain, rolling over small obstacles with both wheels on the ground.

– Can climb and descend under control on moderately steep sections of trail.

Level 4

– Confident on blue trails, can tackle most black trails.

– Can assess and ride terrain on the go, (rocky, rooty, loose).

– Capable of getting over larger obstacles using dynamic movements such as front wheel lifts.

Level 5

– Confident on black trails (steep, loose, technical terrain).

– Ready and willing to get your wheels off the ground (drops, jumps).

– Comfortable with a variety of corner types at higher speeds.

Skill Levels Youth

Skill Level 1 

-You are a beginner with little to no experience riding a bike.

-You can ride keeping your balance and know how to use the brakes without falling over.

-You definitely need some tips on more riding skills.

-Riding on flat terrain is your usual comfort level.

Skill Level 2

-You are a beginner with some experience on the bike.

-You can balance, use your brakes and ride some off road gravel trails along with pavement trails but want to ride more single track style trails.

-You would like to ride a trail like “Mine Your Line” at the UROC Kids Corner

Skill Level 3

-You now consider yourself a upper beginner to intermediate rider.

-You know the fundamentals on your bike, such as Neutral Position, Ready Position, Bike Body Separation and Braking.

-You need some work on these skills but can manage them.

-You are liking riding on single track trails mostly green but some blue.

-You can ride “Mine Your Line,  Let’s Get Adit and Super Deluxe but want to ride the blue line like Minecraft” at the UROC Kids Corner trail system.

Skill Level 4

-You consider yourself an intermediate rider, can do all fundamentals listed in Skill Level 3 comfortably.

-Now you have practised lifing the front wheel, can comfortably do corners at a moderate speed and can do small drops or jumps.

-You can ride blue trails like “Minecraft” at the UROC Kids Corner trail system.

-You want to progress to longer and harder trails like on the regular Pass Powderkeg trail system or other areas around the Crowsnest Pass.

Skill Level 5

-You have mastered the fundamentals, consider yourself a strong intermediate now going to advanced rider.

-You are comfortable lifting both wheels of the ground, could use some work on these skills.

-Can do small drops and jumps and are ready for bigger and better.

-You can ride all the trails on the UROC Kids Corner with no problems and have started riding other blue trails some black in the Crowsnest area.

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