Race Final

Over all JCF National DH Series Champions, Ryo and Tomo, Congratulations!!!
Women's final DH race Top 3, Tomo, Mio and Keiko, great ride girls!!!!
Men's Top 3 in the final DH, Junya, Adachi San, Shibata San, great job guys!!!!!
Sports Ladies DH Top 3 Congratulations Ya-Chan on 3rd place!!

Well, the 2008 MTB Season has come to an end. My last race ended with a 4th place finish. Starting off the season with a major injury and then trying to come back late in the season was tougher than I imagined. The summer included my event and a huge move which took a lot of my energy. I was coming back late in the season with no real downhill training and on a new bike. My results weren't bad, but I wasn't satisfied with my riding style. I never did seem to get my rythym back that I had last season.

It gives me inspiration for next season. I hope to train hard this winter and be ripping it up again next year! At 41 years young, Nakagome San won the final XC and the National Series XC title. She talked about how her riding and training keeps her young during her speech on the podium. She reminded me again that anything is possible at our age if we just focus and really work hard for our dreams. Thank you Nakagome San for your great reminder and congratulations on your fabulous victory!!!!!

Adachi San, also gave me inspiration. Coming back from a huge injury mid season to take the final race was incredible. Adachi San you are one of my hero's. Congratulations.........!!!!!!!!

Last but not least, is another great rider, Tsujiura Kei San. He also came back from an injury mid season and kicked ass at this final race. He dashed out front in the first lap and kept his 45 second lead on the two following him for the rest of the race. Well done Kei!!!!!

Watching all of these great riders and all of the others who come out and race year after year, sometimes not even reaching the podium, deserve great credit. We mountain bikers are a special breed. Cheers to all of us out there, riding our guts out, sustaining injuries, mud,crashes, disappointments, etc, but keep coming back for more!!!!! WE ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep the rubber side down my fellow riders and enjoy the fall....... best riding of the year.................K.


Well, it was a great weekend and you can see how happy we are!!!! Jumping for joy because of the awesome weather for this past long weekend. Friday was a day of preparation for a tour with Ya-Chan and I as assistants to the former MTB Olympian Kanako Kobayashi. She had a tour of 120 people organized along with the city of Omachi for Sunday. Ya-Chan and I were 2 of the 10 assistants for the ride. It took 4 hours and was a bit long but a great day for an easy ride. We got our workout when we had to ride back to the starting point which took us less than an hour, but we hammered it!!!!!! MORE WEEKEND PICTURES HERE!

Monday was another perfect blue sky day and Kouji, Ya-chan and I went out for a local ride after having a great thanksgiving dinner the night before at Tracks bar with over 30 others.... MMMMM turkey, twas goooooooddddddddd!!!! Thanks for the spread Troy and Sakiko. We later rocked it out to a fantastic band from Nagoya, played Canadian tunes and you could tell the true Canadians by the way they started bouncing on the dance floor when they played The Hip!!!!!

Next week it is off to the final race of the season.......it is a tough one, going to rip it up hopefully!!!! Until then, have a great short week!!!!!